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  • Good performance of UnitPlus portfolios in the first 6 months

    The UnitPlus portfolios have now been on the market for six months. Reason enough to take a closer look at their performance. We are particularly confident that two of our portfolios have outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices with lower volatility over this period. But first things first. What do beautiful mountains and

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  • In times of high inflation: How to protect your money

    Usually, an increase in the inflation rate of 2 percent is considered beneficial for the economy. However, this year, the inflation rate rose far above this benchmark. As recently as October 2022, an inflation rate of 10.4 percent was announced. The high inflation rate means that your assets lose value. Therefore, in this article, we

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  • Gute Performance der UnitPlus Portfolios in den ersten 6 Monaten

    Die UnitPlus Portfolios sind nun 6 Monate auf dem Markt. Grund genug, uns die Entwicklung etwas genauer anzuschauen. Uns stimmt besonders zuversichtlich, dass zwei unserer Portfolios über diesen Zeitraum die Vergleichsindizes S&P 500 und Nasdaq in der Ertragsentwicklung, bei gleichzeitig geringerer Schwankungsbreite, übertreffen konnten. Aber der Reihe nach.

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  • UnitPlus in founders magazine: „Shopping with ETFs“.

    Alongside Elon Musk, Rihanna, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founding team of UnitPlus has also made it onto the cover of the current issue of founders magazine. In a fascinating interview, the founding team of Kerstin, Fabian, and Sebastien talk about why they founded UnitPlus, what the most significant challenges were, and explain their further goals

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  • When the Bear Dances: How to Survive the Bear Market

    You have probably heard of bull and bear markets. Bull and bear are symbols for positive and negative price developments on the stock market, respectively. When share prices rise in the long term, it’s called a bull market, and when they fall again, it’s called a bear market. Currently, we are in a bear market,

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  • Decentralised Finance and the Future of Banking

    As part of the first UnitPlus Investment Summit, Co-Founder and CTO of Unstoppable Finance, Peter Großkopf, gave a presentation on Decentralised Finance and the future of banking. Here you can find a summary of the most important topics. Blockchain We hear the term blockchain more and more often, especially in the context of cryptocurrency. The

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  • Is investing a man’s business?

    Women invest less often than men, and when they do, they do so with less focus on returns. The savings account is currently still the most popular place to park money. And although women save diligently, it doesn’t prove to be an effective way to build wealth or provide for retirement in the long run.

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