CashPlus: The best interest product in Germany

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CashPlus: The best interest product in Germany

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Investment and payment powered by capital market yield.

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UnitPlus helps you to make the most out of your money. No matter whether as a short- or long-term investment.

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There are many good reasons for investing in the award-winning UnitPlus app. Here are the most important ones:

Easy investing

Invest in professionally managed & broadly diversified ETF portfolios

Smart payments

Pay anytime worldwide for free with your invested money

Free saving plans

Automatically invest the amount that best fits your lifestyle

100% investment protection

Your money is always protected from insolvency as a special asset

Tax optimising

We take care of all tax related issues

What UnitPlus offers

A profitable and innovative investment that you can use the way you want. Your money. Your rules.

UnitPlus is innovation that pays off.

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Your portfolio. Your ownership. Without compromising on security.


Regulated banking partner


Secure payment transactions


Highest investment protection

Your UnitPlus account is managed by Aion Bank under German law. Aion Bank is a fully licensed European bank and is supervised by BaFin in Germany.

The UnitPlus card is issued in cooperation with Mastercard and guarantees secure payment transactions worldwide and free of charge.

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Find out what our investors like about us:

Christian Rebernik
Serial entrepreneur

Money in the checking account loses value. UnitPlus changes that. Money is invested but available with the debit card. I invested because there is a great team behind it and I use UnitPlus myself.

Brigitte Zypries
Former federal minister

From the very beginning, I was convinced that UnitPlus gives everyone in Germany the opportunity to invest with a focus on returns and still remain flexible.

Martin Zielke
Former CEO Commerzbank AG

As a former banker, I know how valuable savings deposits can be for banks. However, the banks only pass on the resulting returns to savers to a very limited extent. UnitPlus is turning this way of thinking around and wants to encourage more savers to invest smartly and flexibly with its globally innovative product.

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