The bank card revolution

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In Germany alone, there are more than 150 million bank cards that are used every day to make payments all over the world. The bank cards are linked to current accounts, which generally offer no or, at most, very low-interest rates. This means that high inflation results in an enormous loss of purchasing power and wasted interest potential. To remedy this situation for all savers, CashPlus offers a unique solution by combining an innovative overnight money alternative with a bank card in a simple and easy-to-understand product, the first-of-its-kind in the world. Discover the unique features that make the bank card with CashPlus so interesting below.

Interest rates that can keep up with the best call money

A recent study by Raisin found that the average German has almost €17,000 in their checking account. If this money earned interest at a rate of 4.0% per year instead of the current 0%, the interest credit would be €680 after one year without requiring additional effort.

When you use your UnitPlus bank card with CashPlus, your money is invested in the market and earns interest based on the short-term euro interest rate. This rate is calculated daily by the European Central Bank and currently stands at 3.98% per year (as of 20 September 2023).

Pay free of charge worldwide

Similar to a regular bank card, your UnitPlus card allows you to make free international payments. No matter if offline or online. If you ever pay in a country with a different currency, you will not incur any foreign currency fees. Compared to most typical bank cards, you can even save on these fees, which can quickly amount to several euros for larger payments.

Of course, payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay work just as well as depositing the card in your PayPal Wallet. The beauty is that your money can earn above-average interest until payment is made.

CashBack with every payment

When trading CashPlus via an ETF on the exchange, there is a bid-ask spread, a common aspect of exchange transactions. This spread is how exchanges generate some of their revenue. We have set up CashPlus, so this spread is less than 0.02%. UnitPlus credits you 0.10% in CashBack on every card payment. Even after factoring in the costs, you still earn a small extra amount with each payment, making it worth it.

Daily credit 

With CashPlus, the interest you earn will be credited to your portfolio daily and automatically reinvested in your CashPlus portfolio. This helps you grow your account and fully exploit the compound interest effect.

Constant up-to-dateness

With CashPlus, your payments with your bank card are directly dependent on the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank. This means that you always receive the best interest rate daily. If interest rates continue to rise, you will also benefit one-to-one. For example, if the central bank raises the key interest rate by 0.25%, CashPlus also makes 0.25% in additional annual earnings. You no longer have to engage in interest rate hopping and always have optimal interest rates without effort. 

To summarize, the UnitPlus bank card can be used globally like a regular card, but it also includes an advanced cashback offer, innovative call money 2.0, with impressive interest rates that benefit you instead of the bank.

Legally required security notice

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Fabian Mohr