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Goodbye overnight deposit accounts.

Hello CashPlus.

Secure now 3.73% interest per year and pay worldwide for free. No minimum term or maximum deposit. As a special fund, it offers enhanced protection, making it superior to bank accounts.

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Higher interest
than the average checking account


Higher interest
than the average overnight deposit account


bank cards are beaten
by CashPlus in terms of interest

What the plus stands for in CashPlus

Above average
interest rates


You participate in the short-term Euro interest rate. Currently this rate is 3.73%

Stability for
your investment


There is no risk of value loss due to capital market fluctuations.

free payment


Pay as easily and conveniently as you normally would. Only with higher interest rates.



You do not have to adhere to any term or minimum investment amount.

Because you have nothing to give away – the interest rate of CashPlus:


(12. June 2024)

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A strong team for your savings account 2.0

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There is no minimum investment or maturity limit with CashPlus and interest is paid daily. It’s as simple as this:


You invest in a portfolio that pays the interest rate of the Euro short-term rate


The daily determination of this interest rate is done by the European Central Bank


If the central bank increases the interest rate in the future, the interest rate of CashPlus will also increase


You can enjoy above-average interest rates and pay flexibly with your money at any time


As with all UnitPlus portfolios, with CashPlus your money is yours at all times and enjoys special rights in full as special assets. In addition to the statutory deposit insurance, your money is protected in the event of the insolvency of UnitPlus or our partner bank.

Another benefit: CashPlus always brings you more return than it costs

CashPlus’ annual interest is currently 3.73%, while the total cost of the portfolio and UnitPlus is 0.6% (incl. external costs for portfolio construction). CashPlus therefore not only finances itself, but also generates more profit every day.

Portfolio value

Income after costs

per month
€ 1,000
Our cost structure:
0 €
fixed fees
of the investment amount
per year
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With CashPlus you earn even with each payment

With the UnitPlus bank card, not only does the revolution of overnight money 2.0. comes into your wallet, but you even earn 0.10% on every payment. So you increase your interest income even when you pay.


CashPlus can be optimally combined with other investment strategies

In addition to your investment in CashPlus, all other investment strategies from UnitPlus are available to you. This way you can manage your money even more efficiently for your short- and long-term goals in life.

You still have questions? We have the answers:

How much return can I expect with CashPlus?

The interest rate of CashPlus is based on the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank. Currently, the interest rate is 3.90% (as of September 20, 2023). The current interest rate can be found at the Deutsche Bundesbank HERE. Please note that you can add an additional 0.085% to the interest rate shown, because CashPlus is adjusted for this additional yield. This brings the total interest rate to 3.73% as we show.

By providing interest directly through the capital market, we don’t have to go through costly banks. This allows CashPlus to pay out interest rates that are significantly higher than the average.

How can CashPlus pay such high interest rates?

Banks do not provide their services free of charge and would like to keep as high a share as possible of the interest received from the European Central Bank for themselves because they can book this as profit (in banking, the keyword is “maturity transformation”). Currently, many banks are trying to pass on higher interest rates for a given term with loss-leader offers so they can see customer growth. UnitPlus turns this way of thinking around and does not keep any interest for itself. CashPlus uses an capital market portfolio to track the performance of a deposit bearing interest at the short-term euro rate (€STR) + 0.085%. The European Central Bank calculates the interest rate on the €STR on a daily basis, which is currently 3.90% per year (as of September 20, 2023). For banks in the European Monetary Union, this interest rate has an important meaning and the German Bundesbank also publishes the value daily on its website. The abbreviation €STR stands for “Euro Short-Term Rate” and is the one-day interbank interest rate for the Eurozone.

Can I lose money?

Although the interest rate on CashPlus may fluctuate, sometimes more and sometimes less, there is no risk of loss of value due to capital market fluctuations as with shares or bonds.

The interest rate is correlated directly on the central bank policy of the European Central Bank. This means that if interest rates continue to rise, CashPlus will also earn more interest. Since we announce every interest rate increase and decrease by email and via the UnitPlus app, you are always informed. This way, should we ever enter a negative interest rate environment again, you can decide for yourself whether CashPlus is still the right product for you. In that case, it would generate a negative return, just like bank accounts probably do.

Otherwise, a loss can only occur if Deutsche Bank becomes insolvent in the case of CashPlus, which is understood as a so-called counterparty risk. In addition, CashPlus has collateral consisting of government bonds of stable value and very liquid. Therefore, a default of Deutsche Bank would have to occur and at the same time the states of the issued government bonds (especially France and England) would have to get into payment difficulties for a loss to occur. In addition, CashPlus in your UnitPlus account enjoys the status of special assets, so it is also always protected from insolvency of ourselves or our partner bank.

To sum it up, CashPlus is developed under the highest security standards, so you can sit back and relax.

This makes CashPlus the better overnight deposit account

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