5 things you want to know


UnitPlus is a new type of checking account

No, we are an intelligent depot app. We do not aim to replace a bank account.

We are not a classic bank account, but rather a smart solution that allows you to conveniently and flexibly invest unused money in a broadly diversified manner. If you pay with your investment card, the money in your portfolio is automatically used for the payment. Your portfolio is managed in your own depot that you open at our custodian bank partner.


UnitPlus offers a personalized savings plan in addition to one-time payments and normal savings plans

That’s right, we think the personalized savings plan is particularly good because it lets you invest according to your personal behavior.

You decide when and how much money should be invested from your bank account to your UnitPlus depot. In addition to one-time payments such as €2,000 or typical savings plans such as €100 per month, you also have the option to invest with our personalized savings plan. This lets you invest individual amounts each month based on your lifestyle and is depending on how much you would otherwise save at the end of the month. UnitPlus suggests the monthly amount, but you always stay in the driver’s seat. It’s simple and tailored to you.


All finances should be parked on the UnitPlus deposit

No. UnitPlus wants to be your daily investment companion.

Our personalised savings plan in particular helps you decide how much money you can invest each month. Why are we working on this? Because we know this from ourselves too: Account movements fluctuate and sometimes you take in much more than you spend. In other months, you spend more than you earn. Our common goal is to build a smart way of investing money that adapts to these situations, and our smart algorithms do just that. They suggest an amount that is individually adapted to your circumstances. In our app, you also have the option to set an amount that should always be kept as cash in your bank account.


Using the UnitPlus investment card goes without costs

Exactly and in general we value simplicity and transparency in our pricing.

Paying with your investment card is not only convenient and easy, but it also comes with no additional costs, even though you automatically place a sell order on the stock exchange every time you pay with your card. With that your money works for you without any transaction fees. You only have to pay 2€ for withdrawing cash at the ATM, because this is also a costly process for us.


Tax-wise, UnitPlus must be super time-consuming for me

No, not at all. Any capital gains taxes incurred are automatically taken into account. Oh and we love exemption orders.

Capital gains taxes are incurred whenever a gain is realized on the stock market. At UnitPlus, we automatically take this into account with every sell order, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also set up a tax exemption order to ensure that you will only be paying capital gains tax on capital gains exceeding this tax-free allowance. As an individual you’ll have up to €801 in capital gains tax-free in Germany. This way, you even save money, because with the exemption order, taxes only have to be paid when the profits exceed the exemption amount.


What is the UnitPlus investment card?

  • With the UnitPlus investment card, you can pay with your ETF-portfolio worldwide everywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

  • The card has a daily spending limit of 70% of your invested money, with a maximum of 1,000€ a day.

  • ApplePay and Google Pay will be unlocked in the coming months, so you can easily pay with your invested money via your smartphone.

How does the portfolio selection work?

  • We hand-made four well diversified and sustainable portfolios with different risk-return profiles. Based on your prior experience and risk appetite we will match your profile with the portfolio that works best for you. Don’t worry, you are sitting in the driver’s seat and can also choose a different one if you like to.

  • The portfolios are composed of carefully chosen stock and bond ETFs. During the composition of the portfolios, we took aspects such as sustainability, liquidity, distribution of risk, geographical and sectoral division into account. Due to sustainability-related reasons, we haven’t included Gold in our portfolios.

How can I open up a depot?

  • You own a smartphone with the system hardware iOS or Android.

  • You are at least 18 years old with a permanent residence in Germany and are taxable in Germany.

  • You want to invest at least 25€.

What is the cost of UnitPlus?

  • Don’t worry about hidden costs! You pay a monthly fee of 2€ and yearly 0,70% of your invested money, including the ETF costs. So, for example, if you invested 3,000€ at UnitPlus over one year, you only pay a mere 3.75€ monthly.

  • Further costs only occur if you withdraw money at an ATM, which costs you 2€.

  • Fair, right? We think so too. Especially considering that most bank accounts cost at least 5€ a month, stock purchases most cost multiple euros, and active fund management takes up a few percentage points of your invested money.

Are there any additional costs when using my investment card at a merchant?

  • No. With your new investment card, you not only pay as easily and conveniently as with any other bank card, but you also pay free of charge. No matter whether you use it offline or online, in Germany or abroad.

Where is my money stored, and is it safe?

  • Don’t worry: we are working together with fully licensed and regulated bank partners and every user is opening up its own custody account at the custodian bank where no one else can get access too.

  • Since your invested money counts as “Sondervermögen”, which is stored separately, it is safe from bankruptcy of the bank or even UnitPlus.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

  • Cancellation is possible at any time and free of charge in the UnitPlus app.

  • Your money can be transferred to your reference bank account at any time.

How are taxes handled with UnitPlus?

  • Capital gains tax is always due when you realise a profit. In addition, there is the solidarity surcharge (“Solidaritätszuschlag”) and, if applicable, church taxes.

  • Since you always sell a fractional share of your portfolio when using your investment card or ewallet, capital gains taxes are also incurred when making the payment.

  • But no worries, we automatically settle the taxes for you.

  • You also have the option of setting up an exemption order (“Freistellungsauftrag”) with us. This exemption applies to capital gains that do not have to be taxed on a yearly basis. In Germany, this is €801 for individuals and €1,602 for married couples.

How can I tell my friends about UnitPlus?

  • After signing up for our waiting list, we send you a confirmation email that contains a personalized referral link. You can share it with your friends and family!

  • For every successfully registered new customer through your link, you receive another Unit. Find out more about our Unit program here!