I work in a banking institution – Do I need a duplicate and is it possible to set up a duplicate mailing?

No duplicate is required for the UnitPlus custody account, as we offer a portfolio management service with the help of our partner banks Aion and Finax, who acts as discretionary portfolio manager. This means that the portfolio is automatically managed for you. As there are also ETFs behind each portfolio and no individual shares, money is automatically invested and traded, insider trading is therefore excluded.

From our experience so far, it is sufficient to register your custody account with your employer’s compliance department with proof of discretionary portfolio management (in the general terms and conditions of Aion Bank and Finax, which will be sent to you when you open your account), so that no duplicates are necessary.

If you require further data for the registration, you can of course contact us at any time at support@unitplus.eu.

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