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Can I lose money?

Although the interest rate on CashPlus may fluctuate, sometimes more and sometimes less, there is no risk of loss of value due to capital market fluctuations. The interest rate is based on the central bank policy of the European Central Bank. A loss can only occur if Deutsche Bank becomes insolvent, which is understood as a so-called counterparty risk. Furthermore, CashPlus owns collateral consisting of government bonds of stable value and very liquid. Therefore, a default of Deutsche Bank would have to occur and at the same time the states of the issued government bonds (especially France and England) would have to get into payment difficulties for a loss to occur. The risk, as with all forms of investment, is not zero, but it is very safe in comparison. In addition, CashPlus in your UnitPlus account enjoys the status of special assets, so it is also always protected from insolvency of ourselves or our partner bank.

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