Brief overview – How users enter the UnitPlus world

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With the world’s first investment account app from UnitPlus, users can invest unused money in broadly diversified portfolios and instantly make payments with it in the future. This way, money can be invested with a long-term horizon without limiting oneself in the present. Simultaneously, ETF portfolios are linked to international payment transactions for the first time globally, and offline and online payments with the portfolio are made possible. So whether you deposit your money for weeks, months, or years – in the meantime, your money is professionally invested and doesn’t lie in the bank account unused. Users thus have access to a very convenient investment solution that is tailored to their needs and can be flexibly adapted to their individual circumstances. 

Registering and using the app is as simple as possible. 

Determination of the investment profile

We work together to determine your suitable investor profile during the one-time registration and verification process. Then, in just a few minutes, you answer ten simple questions about your financial situation, investment goals, risk tolerance, and experience in the capital market. Based on this, one of our four curated portfolios will be proposed to you. Of course, you can follow this suggestion, but you don’t have to. You also have the option to change your portfolio at any time within the app, free of charge. 

Portfolio construction

The portfolio is constructed of a selective choice of exchange-traded index funds (so-called ETFs). The primary goal of the portfolio construction at UnitPlus is to build a broadly diversified investment while considering an adequate risk-return ratio and recognized sustainability criteria. The financial investment diversification is carried out across the asset classes, equities, and bonds and identifies worldwide investment opportunities. 

Deposit and withdrawal options

UnitPlus is the first investment account app to transfer deposit and withdrawal options similar to traditional bank accounts to an investment account. The individual control of monthly customized deposit amounts takes place via an Open Banking interface, which can be activated within the UnitPlus app. At the same time, one-time investments and monthly savings plans can be created. 

Withdrawals can be made at any time, free of charge, to the reference account or done offline and online worldwide using the UnitPlus card. However, this also means that all payments with the UnitPlus card have a profit or loss implication, as the payments occur directly from the portfolio that has generated a positive or negative return on the capital market up to the time of payment. This is done automatically using fractional shares that cover the card payment amount and taking into account all relevant tax aspects. 

Portfolio control

Portfolio management at UnitPlus is fully digital. This ensures that the target weighting of the portfolios can be maintained even in the event of significant market fluctuations. In addition, the savings plans are individually coordinated, and payments with fractional shares of the portfolio can be made conveniently and easily worldwide by all traders.

Now it’s your turn: your feedback is important to us.

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