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The UnitPlus card is the world’s first ETF-linked investment card that gives you access to your investment. Anytime. And everywhere.

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With the UnitPlus card, your money is actively invested in your portfolio until you pay with it.

Invest your money in professionally managed ETF portfolios until you pay with it.
Invest long term without being constrained in the short term.
Free of charge
Pay worldwide for free with the UnitPlus card. Everywhere, Mastercard is accepted.

Become a smart saver.

Smart saving…
Connect your checking account to your UnitPlus app in seconds and get monthly smart investment recommendations that fit your lifestyle. Don’t worry, your iron reserve won’t be touched.
…Smart spendings
With your UnitPlus card, you can pay with your investments at any time. And on top of that, you get 0.1% of each transaction amount back. In your app you can easily reinvest your ETF-back in your portfolio.

Further Pluspoints of the UnitPlus card

was yesterday.
ETF-back is today.
Cashback was yesterday.
ETF-back is today.

You’re probably familiar with cashback programs. We go one step further with ETF-back. Every time you pay with your UnitPlus card, you get 0.10% of your purchase value back. But not in cash, in ETFs. The money is donated to your portfolio at the end of each quarter. Sounds smart? That’s because it is.


Secure your innovative investment from UnitPlus now for 3 months without a basic fee.

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You still have questions? We have the answers:

Where can I pay with the UnitPlus card?

Conveniently pay with your UnitPlus card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. That’s at over 70 million points of acceptance worldwide.

Where does the money on my UnitPlus card come from?

With your new UnitPlus card you can easily and conveniently pay directly with your UnitPlus portfolio. You decide which portfolio you want to invest in during the onboarding process. So your money is invested in a professional portfolio until you want to pay with it.

Can I pay with my entire investment at once?

As with any bank card, the UnitPlus card also has a limit. With UnitPlus, this is €2,000, or 70% of the portfolio value, but can be temporarily increased up to 5,000€ if the portfolio is large enough. For example, if 1,000€ is invested, 700€ are available for payments. If 5.000€ are invested, the available amount is 2.000€.

The threshold of 70% for portfolio holdings below 2,600€ is for your protection and to ensure that you do not spend more with the bank card than you have as an equivalent in your portfolio at the time of the partial sale. The possibility of a complete liquidation of the portfolio via the app exists at any time. In your app you can see at any time how high your current withdrawal limit is.