UnitPlus receives Award for Best Investment Newcomer of the Year 2023 

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by Capital and the Institut für Vermögensaufbau

The business magazine Capital evaluates 40 digital investment advisors in Germany once a year in cooperation with the Institut für Vermögensaufbau. This year UnitPlus is represented for the first time and has directly received the top score of 5 stars and the first place as best investment newcomer.

Innovative and professional

It is UnitPlus’ mission to develop and innovate savings and investment solutions, providing anyone with smart and high-yield investment products for the short and long term. With the award as best investment newcomer of the year 2023, business magazine Capital now honours UnitPlus with its highest rating.

In the annual evaluation, categories such as profiling, investment and service quality were taken into consideration to obtain a holistic picture of the respective offerings of the companies under review. UnitPlus was the only company among all newcomers to receive the top score of 5 out of 5 stars.

It’s (not) all about performance

The UnitPlus product range is optimally equipped for short- and long-term goals and at the same time enables worldwide free payment directly with interest- and yield-bearing money. The product range currently comprises three pillars:

CashPlus is the revolution of overnight money: It improves traditional overnight money products in terms of security, flexibility and interest rates while offering free payments worldwide with the included bank card. This makes the UnitPlus bank card the highest interest-bearing bank card in Europe.

FlexPlus is an investment strategy based on a “safe harbour” approach and exclusively invests in short-term European government bonds.

The Mountain series invests in over 800 companies in a diversified manner and allows investors to realise return opportunities worldwide while at the same time spreading the risk widely over industries and geographies. Although historical performance is not indicative of any future performance, an evaluation shows that with July 1st 2018 as the cut-off date, the performance of all UnitPlus Mountain portfolios has been positive over the course of 5 years. This was achieved with a significantly lower fluctuation range compared to individual stocks or indices.

The investment revolution is a marathon, not a sprint

This September, we are launching an update that will allow users to invest in several strategies at the same time. This means that CashPlus, for instance, as the leading interest rate product in Europe, can be combined with one or more investment strategies with a more long-term focus. By doing so UnitPlus can provide users with even more flexible and personalised options.

Safety notice required by law 

This article is not to be understood as an investment recommendation, nor does it advise you to buy or sell financial instruments. Capital market investments are associated with risks that can lead to a total loss. Past earnings performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Fabian Mohr