Collect Units with our smart referral program

Let your portfolio grow with our bonus program. For each successful recommendation of the UnitPlus app, you will be credited with 15 units or €15.

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Your plus for you & your friends:

Units are bonus points that you earn when you invite people from your circle of friends and acquaintances to UnitPlus.
With each successfully invited person you will receive 15 Units worth 15€.
In your UnitPlus app, you can invest your collected Units in your portfolio at the end of each quarter.

That’s how it works:

Share your referral link with your friends. You can find your link in the app at any time.

If your link is used you will receive 15 Units worth 15€.

At the end of each quarter you can invest your Units in your portfolio.


Secure 3.73% interest per year with full flexibility.


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