The UnitPlus annual review and outlook

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There was a lot to celebrate for UnitPlus in 2022. So, just in time for the end of the year, we want to review the most significant highlights and milestones with you today, give an outlook on further exciting developments in 2023, and, last but not least, thank you, dear users, for your trust and loyalty.

May makes everything new

After more than a year of hard work, the time finally came on May 5, and we went live in Germany. First for iOS and a few weeks later for Android. In the first week, hundreds of people opted for our innovative and flexible investment, and the entire UnitPlus team was overwhelmed by the response to UnitPlus’ investment. 

Of course, there were minor technical challenges here and there, but not only did we solve them together (and will continue to do so) with the warmest and most ambitious customer support in the world, but we also went right back to work as a team with your feedback. In the months following the launch, we successfully integrated Face/Touch ID, enabled 3D Secure for online payments, and recently implemented Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, our IT platform was technically elevated onto even more stable legs to anticipate numerous challenges.

UnitPlus enjoys growing popularity

Thousands of people are using UnitPlus, and the numbers keep increasing and growing daily. Every second person has created a savings plan and invests an average of €150 per month. The personalized savings plan, which suggests monthly amounts to invest that are optimally and individually tailored to the individual’s circumstances, is already being used by one in five people. 

Most users invest in the Mount Everest portfolio and, on average, have already invested a four-digit amount. But people are also investing heavily in the other portfolios we offer. And for a good reason, all four portfolios are sustainably diversified, investing in over 800 companies worldwide, and are constantly being optimized and monitored for your investment success. 

Payments are also being made more and more frequently with UnitPlus. Our users particularly appreciate that the money is not lingering around unused and interest-free in the bank account until payment has been made but has been invested in ETFs worldwide. The average payment amount with the UnitPlus card is 24€, and since launching Apple Pay and Google Pay recently, we have noticed an additional acceleration in transaction frequency. Of course, both now and in the future, all deposits and withdrawals are free worldwide. Even those of you who rarely pay with UnitPlus are actively using UnitPlus as a long-term investment to achieve greater financial independence. 

And the best part? 2023 will be even better

We have a lot planned for the new year: A wholly revamped UnitPlus design with more valuable features and the option to invest in multiple portfolios simultaneously. This means that individual goals can be defined and automatically linked to the optimal risk-return profile. Payments can then also be made with different portfolios. So, if one wants to make payments from a very low-risk portfolio that should nonetheless generate a slight return per year, this can be conveniently set up in the future. Another portfolio, on the other hand, can be used for long-term retirement planning. So in the future, there will be no limits to your individuality.

To make deposits even more accessible, faster, and more secure, we are intensively working on the possibility of real-time transfers in the new year. This would mean transferring money to your UnitPlus account in seconds. 

We also look forward to a new global loyalty program that combines the unique UnitPlus model with capital market investment. We don’t want to give too much away yet, but one thing is certain, it will reward you in many ways. 

In addition, new portfolio strategies will be launched, giving you even more opportunities for smart investing. Finally, there will be something for everyone’s investment preference: bond, equity, or mixed portfolios. Like our existing portfolios, the new portfolios will, of course, be put together for you with the utmost care so that you can continue to lean back when it comes to investing in 2023. 

Additionally, we can look forward to exciting new partnerships that will further enrich the UnitPlus ecosystem and give you significant bonuses. 

Last but not least, we will always be there for you in 2023. 

The entire UnitPlus team wishes you:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Katharina Zurmuehlen