Investing doesn’t need to be complicated.

With UnitPlus, we have developed a digital investment solution for every budget, where you don’t have to do more than the initial registration. Whether you’re investing for a specific goal, for retirement, or simply building up reserves, investing with UnitPlus is flexible and professional. With our easy-to-use app, you can keep track of all your investments and use the world’s first income card to access and pay with your portfolio at any point in time.

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Four professional portfolio strategies for your comfort

Investing in a sustainable ETF portfolio and paying with it using your new UnitPlus card is easy. Four different portfolio strategies are available to you.


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The magic word is diversification.

With every UnitPlus portfolio you invest in different asset classes and industries that are spread out over 800 companies worldwide. You’re not only invested in industrial countries like the USA and Germany, but also into emerging economies such as India and Brazil. Diversification allows you to minimize your risk and make use of the return potential of the stock market.

Get to know our future calculator and learn more about the UnitPlus portfolios and their potential performance.
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Your portfolio is always up to date

We keep a close eye on your portfolio so that you can sit back and relax. If your portfolio deviates too much from your initial weighting due to price movements, we automatically rebalance it. It’s that simple.

How can I invest money through UnitPlus?
Once your securities account is set up, you can invest your money easily and conveniently. You choose from the following three options:

One-time amount

Your desired amount is transferred to your UnitPlus account and invested. You can start with as little as 25€.

Saving plan

With a saving plan you invest the same amount every month. We find this very useful, because it helps you stay consistent with your investment. Furthermore, you make use of the “Dollar cost averaging” effect allowing you to buy more shares when the stock prices drop and buy less when prices are high. You can also start at 25€ here.

Personalized savings plan

It works like a savings plan but is smarter and tailored to you. You don’t invest the same amount every month, but a sum that fits your lifestyle and monthly financial situation. Our smart algorithm optimizes your investing strategy and helps you make the most of your money.

We value sustainability

All ETFs in our UnitPlus portfolios fulfill specific sustainability criteria. While selecting fitting ETFs for our portfolios, we took environmental, social and governmental criteria into consideration and compared over 200 ETFs with the so-called ESG criteria.

Our portfolios are constructed in a way that stocks and bonds from companies and states that are not sustainable according to our criteria, are excluded from our investments.

By the way, it’s a widespread myth that sustainable investments must yield lower returns. Our portfolios are curated to not have a disadvantage compared to less sustainable investing opportunities.

You still have questions? We have the answers:

In what assets do I invest with UnitPlus?

All four UnitPlus portfolios are made up of 7 different ETFs, so that your investment is broadly diversified worldwide and you can skim off potential returns all over the world. The portfolios are made up by 5 equity ETFs and 2 bond ETFs, so that you are not only invested in equities, but also in bonds. The portfolios are professionally managed, monitored and, if necessary, adjusted to new market conditions. When selecting the right ETFs, we placed particular emphasis on sustainability criteria and cost efficiency. You can find more information on the investment process in our Whitepaper. The white paper can be downloaded for free from our website.

How much return can I expect?

Investing involves risks and therefore a positive return is not guaranteed, even with UnitPlus. The good news: Over the long term, capital markets rise. On average, a broadly diversified equity portfolio has historically generated returns of around 8% per year. To ensure that your money is well diversified, the four UnitPlus portfolios invest globally in over 800 companies with recognised sustainability criteria. Part of the money is invested not only in equities but also in bonds to further improve the risk-return ratio. Based on historical data, UnitPlus portfolios have generated returns of between 4% and 8% per year. Of course, there have been years where it has been significantly more and other years where the return has been negative. If you want to know more about this, take a look at our return calculator on the website, which shows you the performance of various deposit plans based on historical data.

Do I also receive dividends with UnitPlus?

No, because we reinvest dividend distributions back in your portfolio. From a return perspective, this approach makes the most sense. The equity ETFs in your portfolio do this automatically, while the bond ETFs pay out the dividend but are then automatically reinvested by us. In this way, you benefit even more from the compound interest effect in the long term.

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