The UnitPlus Investment Calculator

The UnitPlus investment calculator wants to give you an overview of the possible return development of your invested money with different deposit and withdrawal behavior. Initially, you can choose from four different strategies with different risk and return profiles.

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Choose your portfolio strategy

The smart alternative to overnight deposit accounts: With FlexPlus, you invest exclusively in European government bonds and want to receive a target annual return of 3.0% at very low risk.
With your balanced portfolio, you invest 50% in stocks and 50% in bonds worldwide. In the long term, you want to achieve a higher return than you get from your traditional account.
You want to reach your financial goals a little faster, but you want to keep the risk within limits. Therefore, you invest 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds.
For a higher return you are also willing to take a higher risk. Your portfolio has a share of 80% of stocks and 20% of bonds.
The Matterhorn is not only a landmark of Switzerland, but also a popular portfolio strategy that invests 70% in equities and 30% in bonds. 70% in equities and 30% in bonds.
To reach your goal faster, you can also take higher risks. With your portfolio you are invested 90% in stocks and 10% in bonds.
Your money is invested in the money market, so you can make the most of the changing interest rate environment with CashPlus.
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Year 20

The graph is a hypothetical performance based on historical price data. Risk note and assumptions

How can I invest money through UnitPlus?

Once you set up your account with UnitPlus, you can easily transfer your money into it. You have several options at your disposal, which are not only flexible but also smart:


Single payment

Transfer a one-time amount to your UnitPlus account conveniently by direct debit within 7 business days or by manual bank transfer – your money will usually arrive within 48 hours.

Monthly savings plan

With a savings plan, you continually invest the same amount each month. Savings plans make sense because you invest continuously. This is due to the average cost effect. Ideally, you invest more cheaply over time because you buy fewer shares when share prices are high and more when share prices are low.

Personalized savings plan

It works like a savings plan – but more intelligent and tailored to you. Here, you do not invest the same monthly amount, but rather very individual amounts adapted to your lifestyle and financial situation. Our smart algorithm optimizes your investing strategy and helps you make the most of your money.

Secure 3.98% interest per year now with full flexibility.


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