Which ETFs make up the portfolios?

Each portfolio consists of 7 different ETFs. Among them are 5 equities and 2 bond ETFs. In the equity asset class, the aim is to represent the global equity market as diversified as possible while simultaneously taking care of sustainable criteria. To avoid overweighting in individual regions or countries, the portfolios are divided geographically into the USA, Europe, Japan, and Emerging Markets markets.

A distinction is made between governmental and corporate bonds in the bond asset class. The aim is to achieve a diversified investment profile across different issuers and maturities. To keep default risks as low as possible, investments are made exclusively in investment-grade bonds across various sectors and countries.

The FlexPlus portfolio invests in three ETFs that invest money exclusively in European government bonds. FlexPlus is thus positioned as a smart alternative to overnight money. CashPlus invests in the money market via an ETF and allows you to optimally participate in the changing interest rate environment.

Since all bonds are denominated in euros, the currency risk can also be reduced. Sustainability criteria are also considered with the ESG approach and green bonds. In the case of green bonds, the proceeds are allocated exclusively to projects that promote the climate or other ecological purposes.

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