In what assets do I invest with UnitPlus?

The UnitPlus Mountain portfolios are made up of 7 different ETFs that are well diversified, allowing you to skim potential returns around the globe. Specifically, each portfolio consists of 5 equity ETFs and 2 bond ETFs, so you’re not only invested in equities, but also bonds. The portfolios are professionally composed, monitored and, if necessary, adjusted to new market conditions. When selecting the ETFs, we put special emphasis on sustainability criteria and cost efficiency. In our Whitepaper you will find more information about the investment process. You can download the Whitepaper here for free. The FlexPlus portfolio invests exclusively in European government bonds via 3 ETFs, making it possible to achieve a higher return compared to overnight money while maintaining a very moderate risk. CashPlus invests in a money market and uses an ETF to track the performance of a deposit bearing interest at the short-term euro interest rate (€STR) plus 0.085%. The European Central Bank calculates the interest rate on a daily basis, which is currently 3.9% per annum (as of November 01, 2023).

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