What is FestPlus?

FestPlus is an alternative to the traditional fixed-term deposit offered by banks, developed via the bond market. FestPlus has a fixed term until September 2027 and pays back the invested money in full at this time. In addition, you receive interest distributions during the term, which are invested back into your FestPlus to make the most of the compound interest effect. If you need your money before the end of the term, you can sell FestPlus on the stock exchange at any time at the current price and have the money paid out. This further increases flexibility, although your money is exposed to fluctuations on the bond market during the term and can therefore also incur a loss. To put it in a nutshell, FestPlus combines the positive elements of attractive interest payments from a fixed-term deposit with the flexibility of the capital market. We have developed FestPlus in such a way that, like our CashPlus product, it revolutionizes fixed-term deposits as call money 2.0.

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