Why do I see a very slightly negative interest rate on some days?

The interest rate of CashPlus is directly linked to the central bank policy of the European Central Bank, so that CashPlus gets the maximum out of the interest rate development. Because CashPlus is traded on the stock exchange for daily price setting and optimal utilization of the compound interest effect, the bid-ask spread also plays a role here. The bid-ask spread describes how far the buying and selling prices differ from each other. It occurs in every stock exchange transaction. On some days it can happen that this spread is larger than on other days. If the spread is so large that it exceeds the positive interest earned by CashPlus on that day, we show a slightly negative return on that day. This happens because, in order to calculate your portfolio size, we multiple the CashPlus shares you hold with the bid price on the stock exchange. Fortunately, this effect only occurs occasionally and does not play a significant role in the long term.

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