Co-founder Kerstin on ETFs, investments, and banking of tomorrow

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Co-Founder Kerstin Schneider talks about current topics in the financial world in an interview with paymentandbanking. For example, only 1.5 out of 10 people in Germany are invested in capital market products such as bonds, shares, or ETFs. Too high a number in a mobile world that should make investing easier and accessible to everyone. The main reason for this is the perception of numerous Germans that the capital market is complicated and mysterious. However, at a time of high inflation and limited alternatives for preserving the value of assets, this assumption is particularly costly. So how do you get these people on board and provide them with understandable and smooth access to the world of capital investments? What incentive options are there?

The future of banking

The designers of tomorrow’s banking are working on solutions to these problems and more. It is uncertain which trends will prevail and what the end product will look like. However, there is a lot of potential for disruption, from faster “settlement periods” to developments along the lines of blockchain technology and decentralised cryptocurrencies. There is plenty of scope for innovation that will characteristically shape the banking landscape.

Technology as a driver of developments?

Technological innovations are, of course, at the heart of the development of banking, as it is through them that change is made possible in the first place. An example of this is the Chinese messenger app WeChat, which has become a lifestyle hub for users by adding a mobile payment system and numerous other functions – made possible by the corresponding technology. So why has this technology not yet arrived on the European market? And will we also see a push towards lifestyle in the banking sector? 

Our co-founder Kerstin talks about these current topics and more in an interview with paymentandbanking as part of Banking Exchange 2022. Take a look!

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