CashPlus SMEs awarded the German Excellence Prize 2024

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CashPlus SME is becoming increasingly popular as a solution for modern liquidity management for German SMEs even before its launch. The product has now even been awarded the German Excellence Prize 2024.

For us at UnitPlus, one thing is clear: German SMEs are excellent. That is why we don’t only want to win prizes with CashPlus KMU, but also give every company an excellent opportunity to invest unused liquidity as profitably, securely, and flexibly as possible. 

The fact that CashPlus SME allows every company to invest in a very conservative, actively managed money market fund from our partner Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which currently has a size of 22 billion euros and has historically only been used by very large corporations, creates another notable advantage for your company.

Always make the most of the interest rate environment

In all likelihood, the European Central Bank will begin to cut interest rates from the summer onwards and make further cuts in the following quarters. If you want to manage your company’s liquidity securely, flexibly, and profitably in such an interest rate environment, long and tough discussions often arise with the banks, which then have to regularly adapt to the new interest rate reality. CashPlus KMU takes this work off your hands, as the actively managed money market fund strives to make optimum use of the interest rate environment permanently and therefore in every interest rate environment.

The product will be launched in Germany in a few weeks and the first companies will be able to use CashPlus KMU in the second half of May.

If you haven’t visited our new website yet, it’s worth doing so. Here you will find lots of valuable information even before the market launch.

Fabian Mohr