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  • When innovative investment meets high-yield portfolios

    UnitPlus is being created to get the most out of investing and make investing as easy and usual as saving. However, to ensure that money can be invested efficiently in the capital market in the short and long term, the construction of portfolios takes on a decisive role. That’s why we’re taking a closer look

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  • What makes FlexPlus so attractive

    In recent weeks, we have received many inquiries about government bonds and the advantages of FlexPlus. In the following article, we will go into more detail and show you how to profit optimally from the interest rate turnaround with FlexPlus.

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  • Government bonds explained simply

    What are bonds  Bonds, like shares, are a means of raising capital. While shares are part of the so-called equity capital, and one becomes a co-owner of the respective company by acquiring shares, bonds are part of the debt capital. As a rule, these are fixed-interest securities with a fixed term. This means they are

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  • The interest rate is back – a reason to rejoice?

    The most important findings A brief classification  The older generations still know the joy of having the annual interest credited to their savings account. In good years, there were credit interest rates of up to 5% and more, giving the impression that the money became more on its own.  In the wake of the world

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  • The UnitPlus annual review and outlook

    There was a lot to celebrate for UnitPlus in 2022. So, just in time for the end of the year, we want to review the most significant highlights and milestones with you today, give an outlook on further exciting developments in 2023, and, last but not least, thank you, dear users, for your trust and

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  • …and also a big Welcome to Google Pay 👋

    You can now also activate Google Pay for UnitPlus. This means that your UnitPlus portfolio can make payments even more securely and efficiently with your cell phone or smartwatch.  Find out exactly how to activate Google Pay and where you can pay with it here. How to activate Google Pay for UnitPlus Setting up Google

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  • 👋 Hello Apple

    World premiere: You can now activate Apple Pay for UnitPlus. This means that your UnitPlus portfolio can make payments even more securely and efficiently using your cell phone or smartwatch.  Find out exactly how to activate Apple Pay and where you can pay with it in this blog post. How to activate Apple Pay for UnitPlus

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  • Good performance of UnitPlus portfolios in the first 6 months

    The UnitPlus portfolios have now been on the market for six months. Reason enough to take a closer look at their performance. We are particularly confident that two of our portfolios have outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices with lower volatility over this period. But first things first. What do beautiful mountains and

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  • In times of high inflation: How to protect your money

    Usually, an increase in the inflation rate of 2 percent is considered beneficial for the economy. However, this year, the inflation rate rose far above this benchmark. As recently as October 2022, an inflation rate of 10.4 percent was announced. The high inflation rate means that your assets lose value. Therefore, in this article, we

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  • UnitPlus in founders magazine: “Shopping with ETFs”.

    Alongside Elon Musk, Rihanna, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founding team of UnitPlus has also made it onto the cover of the current issue of founders magazine. In a fascinating interview, the founding team of Kerstin, Fabian, and Sebastien talk about why they founded UnitPlus, what the most significant challenges were, and explain their further goals

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  • When the Bear Dances: How to Survive the Bear Market

    You have probably heard of bull and bear markets. Bull and bear are symbols for positive and negative price developments on the stock market, respectively. When share prices rise in the long term, it’s called a bull market, and when they fall again, it’s called a bear market. Currently, we are in a bear market,

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