Can I pay with my entire investment at once?

As with any bank card, the UnitPlus card has a limit. With UnitPlus, the limit is at €2,000, or 70% of the portfolio value. However, the limit can temporarily be increased up to €5,000 if the portfolio is large enough. For example, if 1,000€ is invested, 700€ are available for payments. If 5.000€ are invested, the available amount is 2.000€.

The threshold of 70% for portfolio holdings below 2,600€ is for your protection and to ensure that you do not spend more with the bank card than you have as an equivalent in your portfolio at the time of the partial sale. For CashPlus we are working already on an update that allows for 100% of payment usage as CashPlus has no classical capital market risk inolved. The possibility of a complete liquidation of the portfolio exists at all times via the app. You can always see how high your current withdrawal limit is in your app.

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