How can CashPlus pay such high interest rates?

Banks do not provide their services free of charge and would like to keep as high a share as possible of the interest received from the European Central Bank for themselves because they can book this as profit (in banking, the keyword is “maturity transformation”). Currently, many banks are trying to pass on higher interest rates for a given term with loss-leader offers so they can see customer growth. UnitPlus turns this way of thinking around and does not keep any interest for itself. CashPlus uses capital market portfolio to track the performance of a deposit bearing interest at the short-term euro rate (€STR) + 0.085%. The European Central Bank calculates the interest rate on the €STR on a daily basis, which is currently 3.90% per year (as of September 20, 2023). For banks in the European Monetary Union, this interest rate has an important meaning and the German Bundesbank also publishes the value daily on its website. The abbreviation €STR stands for “Euro Short-Term Rate” and is the one-day interbank interest rate for the Eurozone.

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