Don’t I have to pay at least the bid-ask spread?

The bid-ask spread is the difference between the buyer’s price and the seller’s price on the stock exchange and represents the stock exchange’s profit margin on a securities trade. You pay this at every broker and all other money investment solutions. Therefore also with UnitPlus. For CashPlus, this bid-ask spread has averaged 1.68 basis points, or 0.0168%, over the past two years (04/19/2021 to 04/18/2023). For a €1,000 transaction, this amounts to just under 17 cents. So a very small amount. Now comes the real plus point: UnitPlus credits you back 10 basis points per payment as part of its ETF-back program, which in our example equates to a credit of €1.00 for €1,000. So you’ll get more back on each payment than you’ll have to pay over the bid-ask spread. Pretty smart, right?

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