Investing plus paying unified.

UnitPlus unifies the investment and payment space to help you to make the most out of your money. Put your money to work in professionally managed portfolios until you pay with it whenever and wherever you like.

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3 in 1: this is how modern investment works

Put the plus in your investments with UnitPlus

If you are tired of low interest rates on your bank account, if you’re looking for an alternative to overnight deposit accounts, or if traditional investment management doesn’t appeal to you, you’ve come to the right place.

With UnitPlus, your money always works for you. It is invested professionally until you spend it flexibly. Maximum simplicity and convenience sounds good to you? But you ask yourself, why should you pay with your investment portfolio? Well, there are many good reasons:

Until you pay, your money is actively working for you on the capital market

You can pay worldwide free of charge with your invested money

You make better use of your annual tax allowance

You pay sustainably, because your money is also invested sustainably

You are less dependent on low interest rate developments and high inflation

You always know transparently where your money is and have full control

UnitPlus is for everyone. With and without financial know-how. The most innovative solution for short- to long-term investment strategies on the planet.

Use UnitPlus as a long-term investment, to build a financial cushion over the medium term, to redeploy cash in the short term, or to do it all together. Simply smart, right? Our users think so, too:

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