What are the costs for CashPlus SMEs and how are they calculated?

The costs for using CashPlus SME depend on the amount of money invested. For amounts of up to €1 million, annual fees of 0.40% of the money invested are charged per year. If the amount invested is between €1 million and €3 million, an annual fee of 0.35% is payable for the entire amount. For amounts of at least €3 million, the fee is reduced to 0.30% on the entire amount.

Example: If the company’s liquidity at the end of the day on 24.4.2024 is €990,000, the fee for this date is calculated as follows: 990000*0.004/366 = €10.82. If the liquidity for 25.5.2024 increases to 1010000€, the fee for the given date is calculated as follows 1.010.000*0,0035/366 = 9,66€ (366 because 2024 is a leap year)

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