Cost overview

For example, if €1,500,000 is invested, an annual fee of 0.35% is charged on the total amount, with the fees being charged on a pro-rata monthly basis.

Usage fee for liquidity up to €1,000,000

0.40% p.a.

Usage fee for liquidity between €1,000,000 and €3,000,000

0.35% p.a.

Usage fee for liquidity from €3,000,000

0.30% p.a.

When you deposit into your CashPlus SME account, you earn an extra yield of after all costs per year.

As of April 2024

Liquidity management redefined



Investing liquidity via an actively managed money market fund rewards business with the most attractive return on investing in every interest rate environment.



Fast deposits and withdrawals increase entrepreneurial manoeuvrability and enable liquidity to be invested in CashPlus SME as long as it is ont used for operational purposes.



While bank deposits are only protected by statutory deposit protection, liquidity with CashPlus SME is invested globally and at low risk on the money market and counts in full as special assets.