The power of the capital market in a bank card.

Everyone knows the problem: With zero or even negative interest rates on our bank accounts, it would make much more sense to invest our savings elsewhere. But because we are too comfortable and want to flexibly use our money, it stays in the bank account. This way, our money is not working for us, but for the bank.

So we asked ourselves:

Why isn’t there a bank card where the money is invested – until we want to spend it? The idea for UnitPlus was born.

Loss of purchasing power with 2,500 EUR in card payments per year:

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Assumption: Real inflation of 1.2% p.a.


return of an
investment of
2,500 EUR
per year:

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Assumption: 8.5% yearly average return of the Word ESG Leader index over the last 10 years minus the 1.2% inflation rate

Our mission is to make investing as normal and easy as saving.

With the UnitPlus investment card and eWallet, you invest in over 800 companies worldwide. We’ve decided to exclude companies operating in controversial industries such as tobacco, gambling and weaponry from our portfolios and instead emphasize sustainability as a criterion.

Get to know our future calculator and learn more about the UnitPlus portfolios and their potential performance.

There are no big changes for you:

Simple deposits

You can not only invest one-time amounts and set up regular savings plans, but also invest amounts specifically tailored to you thanks to our personalized savings plan. Our smart algorithm suggests the ideal investment amount after deducting all spendings at the end of the month, so that you invest the money you don’t need for your everyday life.

Invest individually

The smart UnitPlus algorithm suggests an amount that will likely be left over in your bank account at the end of the month and can therefore be transferred to your UnitPlus investment account. You can decide with just a click whether to follow the suggestion or invest a different amount.

Pay conveniently

Just like with a usual bank card, you can use your UnitPlus investment card to make payments wherever Mastercard is accepted – online and offline. The only difference is that the money you use for payments is actively working on your behalf in your curated ETF portfolio. The coffee you bought this morning? The new smartphone you found online? Your monthly gym subscription? Paid with your ETFs.

Investing does not work according to the “one size fits all” principle.

Not only can you invest one-time amounts and set up savings plans, but you can also invest amounts tailored to you via our personalized savings plan. This way, the monthly investment is automatically adapted to your individual lifestyle.

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