Collect units with our bonus program and win an iPhone 13.

You can think of Units as bonus points that you can earn through various actions.

Before our launch, this includes:

Get 1 Unit if you join our waiting list

You and your friends get 1 additional Unit if they also sign up on our waiting list

How it works:

You will receive the first Unit for joining our waiting list because we want to support you in taking your investment into your own hands.

If you refer someone else to UnitPlus through your personal referral link and they also join the waiting list, you will be rewarded with one more Unit. This way you can collect additional units and at the same time support us in our mission to make investing as normal and easy as saving.

After the market launch, you can exchange your collected units within the app into credits for your portfolio, for example. One unit can later be invested in 1€ of your portfolio. For example, if you have collected 8 units, your portfolio value will increase by 8€ when you trade them in.

Collect Units and join the competition

When you sign up for our waiting list, you will automatically enter our competition. Each Unit equals one raffle ticket. The more referrals you make, the more Units you collect – and the higher your chances to win great prizes:

1st place:

iPhone 13

2nd – 3rd place:

Monetary value equivalent of an Apple stock unit on the UnitPlus launch day

Join waiting list now and refer friends